Absolute Moisture Analyzer

Absolute Moisture Analyzer

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Absolute Moisture Analyzer is designed using custom engineering ability of the HNL. This high-end analyzer is available to be used as a standard unit or as a part of any other cost effective integrated analytical system. This is designed as a split architecture instrument to be used safely in non-hazardous areas to control a remote analysis unit that can be operated in dangerous areas. It is designed to make the tracing of oxygen analysis easier, quicker and precise. With insta recovery advanced micro fuel cell sensor and display gas concentration, this provides accurate results.

Features of Absolute Moisture Analyzer:

  • Auto ranging abilities
  • Available with one year warranty
  • Extensive self-diagnostic testing with constant power supply monitoring
  • Graphic display screen to constantly informing the operator
  • High resolution with precise readings of oxygen content from ppm levels through 25%
  • Maintenance-free and durable sensor
  • One high and one low alarm set point
  • Sensor failure alarm

Technical Specifications


Graphic LCD Continuous

Principle of Analysis

Fast recovery, self powered diffusion, limited sealed Electrochemical Sensor


0 - 10, 0 - 100, 0 - 1000 ppm


± 2 % of full scale (± 1 ppm for 0 - 10 ppm range) at a constant temperature


Comprehensive self testing function

Digital Interface


Response Time

90 % in 5 to 10 seconds 90 % in 60 seconds (0 - 10 ppm range)


± 1 % at a constant temperature


0.5 % of FS

Alarm Setting

Hi & Very High Adjustable over full range

Wetted Parts

316 Stainless Steel / Ptfe

Relative Humidity

0 - 99 % RH Non-condensing


Drawn Aluminium / Plastic (Optional)

Recommended Sample

0.1 to 5 Litre / Min

Operating Temperature

0 to 50 °C


110 or 220 V (user specified), 50/60 Hz

Analog Output

4 - 20 mA isolated output 600 ohms

Sample inlet / outlet

1/4 OD Flare fittings



Mounting Dimension

390 x 132 x 230 mm