Absolute Moisture Analyzer

Absolute Moisture Analyzer

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Absolute Moisture Analyzer

Custom Engineering is HNL's main strength. HNL maintains in-house capability to both design and manufacture a wide variety of sample systems tailored to meet out customers' process requirements. We design sample-conditioning systems for our complete line of process analyzers .

The trace oxygen analyser can be ordered as a standard unit or as part of a larger cost effective integerated analytical system. The analyser can also be supplied designed as a split architecture instrument, meaning that a general purpose, panel mounted control unit for non-hazardous areas controls a remote analysis unit(Transmitter) that can operate in hazardous areas. 

Designed to make the task of trace oxygen analysis easier, faster and more precise than ever before

  • Insta recovery advanced micro fuel cell sensor
  • Display gas concentration, units
  • Extensive self-diagnostic testing at start-up and on demand with continuous powersupply monitoring
  • Auto ranging capabilities
  • One high and one low alarm set point with corresponding relay contacts
  • Sensor failure alarm
  • Extended-life, maintenance-free year warranty and an expected life of two years
  • Graphic display screen, continuously prompting and informing the operator
  • High resolution, accurate readings of oxygen content from low ppm levels through 25%.

Technical Specifications


Graphic LCD Continuous

Principle of Analysis

Fast recovery, self powered diffusion, limited sealed Electrochemical Sensor


0 - 10, 0 - 100, 0 - 1000 ppm


± 2 % of full scale (± 1 ppm for 0 - 10 ppm range) at a constant temperature


Comprehensive self testing function

Digital Interface


Response Time

90 % in 5 to 10 seconds 90 % in 60 seconds (0 - 10 ppm range)


± 1 % at a constant temperature


0.5 % of FS

Alarm Setting

Hi & Very High Adjustable over full range

Wetted Parts

316 Stainless Steel / Ptfe

Relative Humidity

0 - 99 % RH Non-condensing


Drawn Aluminium / Plastic (Optional)

Recommended Sample

0.1 to 5 Litre / Min

Operating Temperature

0 to 50 °C


110 or 220 V (user specified), 50/60 Hz

Analog Output

4 - 20 mA isolated output 600 ohms

Sample inlet / outlet

1/4 OD Flare fittings



Mounting Dimension

390 x 132 x 230 mm