Field Wall Monitor

Field Wall Monitor

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Field Wall Monitoring

 The Field Mounted Monitor is a Single Gas Multipurpose monitor that combines simplicity and high performance in a low cost, low maintenance package. The rugged NEMA 4X or 7X assembly is suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial and general purpose applications to monitor hazardous, Toxic gases or Oxygen in Process Flue Gas or Ambient Air.

Model GD 250 single channel digital control modules are designed to supervise and display the status of a single integral or remote sensor assembly. Model GD 250 is housed in a NEMA 4X wall mount enclosure or Ex proof enclosure. Model GD 250 Single Channel controllers interface with industry standard two or three wire 4-20 mA sensor or other standard voltage / current sensor transmitters and provide the user with concentration display and two independent adjustable alarm levels. The 3 ½ digit LCD or Graphical LCD display can read the concentration. LEDs on the front panel provide indication of all three alarms. The alarm relays can be programmed to be either latching or non-latching and to activate either as a rising or failing alarm. The relays are SPDT Form C type rated at 5 Amps. to provide direct alarm action, reducing the need for interposing relays. Local Alarm devices can be connected to the configurable on board alarms. The Fail Safe Supervisory provides a reliable indication that the Monitor is fully operational. The Fail Safe design monitors the input power and status of the power supply for the amplifiers. A failure of any one of these functions illuminates a Fault Light Emitting Diode

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor Assembly housed in a Explosion Proof Enclosure Division 1, Group C&D.    

  • Uses Electro-chemical or catalytic / solid state NDIR sensor with a one year warranty.    .       

  • 230 V AC , 50 Hz or 24 V DC supply

  • Field adjustable address and background gas level.    

  • Relay (alarm) test mode.    

  • Digital + 4-20 mA output    

  • Digital Display        

  • Background Adjustment : User Selective