Portable Dew Point Meter

Portable Dew Point Meter

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Portable Dew Point Meter

Periodic monitoring of industrial Air systems results in a reduced maintenance cost & down time caused by condensate, the leading cause of corrosion in pneumatic systems

Special Feature

  • Handy and Light Weight
  • Instant Direct dew point reading
  • Sensor : High Capacitance
  • Alpha Numeric Display
  • Over all range -60 deg. C to +30 deg. C +/- 2.5 deg. C From -60 deg. C to 0 deg. C
  • Moisture Range : 0-23000 PPM with resolution 1 PPM 
  • Samples Pressure Upto 12 Kg/C2M
  • Inbuilt Thin film water vapour sensor
  • Optional RS 232 Computer Interface & Data Logger