Portable Hygrometer

Portable Hygrometer

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Portable Hygrometer

Dew Point Meters are portable instruments designed to measure the performance of compressed air and process drying systems. They are ideal for Moisture monitoring in commercial and industrial applications.

Periodic monitoring of industrial Air systems results in a reduced maintenance cost & down time caused by condensate, the leading cause of corrosion in pneumatic systems.

  •     Principle: Capacitive thin film polymer
  •     Dew Point range (overall): 0-100% RH
  •     Maximum Sample Temp: 75 Deg. Cel.
  •     Response Time: 10 seconds for 63% step change
  •     Display: Alpha Numeric Display
  •     Power: 6 volts DC, Rechargeable
  •     Dimensions: 196 x 100 x 40 mm abs enclosure
  •     Weight: 1/2 kg